Beverly Hills


Beverly Hills

Stunning state-of-the-art dream homes and iconic multimillion-dollar mansions form one of the world's most famous luxury neighborhoods.

Beverly Hills: A Name Synonymous With Luxury

There is perhaps no other neighborhood in the world that is as synonymous with luxury as Los Angeles' Beverly Hills. The multimillion dollar mansions that comprise this celebrity-studded neighborhood are among the world's most desirable real estate. These dream homes are situated on sprawling estates that offer magnificent panoramic views across the Los Angeles basin.

Beverly Hills extends from the flats bordered by Sunset Boulevard to the north, Doheny Boulevard on the east, Whittier on the west, and Holmby Hills and Santa Monica Boulevard to the south, rising high into the surrounding hillsides. It is home to America's most famous and prestigious 90210 zip code, as well as the world-class upscale shopping and dining options of Rodeo Drive.

Some of the World's Most Incredible Real Estate

Homes here offer incredible privacy and seclusion. Coupled with the neighborhood's proximity to the Hollywood epicenter of the global entertainment industry, this has made Beverly Hills a favored retreat of the world's most famous movie stars since Hollywood's Golden Era. Beverly Hills' current and former residents presents an exhaustive list of some of cinema's biggest names, from legends such as Charlie Chaplin and Marilyn Monroe to modern-day superstars Brad Pitt and George Clooney. Many homes here are rich in history, playing host to pivotal moments in the lives of some of the past century's best-known individuals.

Beverly Hills' homes exhibit a dazzling array of architectural styles, from elegant classical homes to stunning examples of cutting-edge modern design. Some of the most sought-after properties are incredibly spacious, such as tech billionaire Markus Persson's extravagant 38,000-square-foot home. With miles of immaculately manicured lawns strewn with towering trees and outdoor swimming pools and tennis courts, the space surrounding these homes is every bit as grandiose as the houses themselves.

World-class Shopping, Dining, and Country Clubs

Along with the similarly-prestigious neighborhoods of Bel Air and Holmby Hills, Beverly Hills is part of LA's incredibly desirable Platinum Triangle. Centered around the iconic 90210 zip code, Beverly Hills is an oasis of calm and refinement.

The neighborhood contains the incredibly upscale Rodeo Drive shopping street, home to high-end brands and luxury boutiques that have clothed some of the world's most influential fashion icons. Rodeo Drive is also home to multiple Michelin-star restaurants. Rodeo Drive's upscale shopping and fine dining options are a match for any of the world's most famous streets. It is more than likely that residents will see Hollywood A-listers frequenting these trendy establishments.

Famous faces are also regularly seen using the outstanding facilities at the Beverly Hills Tennis Club. The incredibly exclusive Los Angeles Country Club is a short distance away on Wilshire Boulevard. The entertainment industry elite enjoy the rolling hills and wide sand washes of a golf course that only a privileged few can access. There is a plethora of other outstanding country clubs within communities neighboring Beverly Hills. Los Angeles' wealth of world-class shopping, dining, and entertainment options are all no more than a short drive away.


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